Beef Jerky

What You Need to Know About Vegemite Beef Jerky

Vegemite Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is a great snack to have on a long road trip. When you stop at the gas station for lunch, a nice cold protein snack is always welcome. Two great things combined make one excellent product to take along. A delicious beef jerky snack to munch on while driving through the countryside.

The main ingredient of Vegemite Beef Jerky is veggie meat from veggie sources. Some of the meats used are chicken, venison, beef, and pork. I love to use veggie meat such as vegeburgers that are marinated or sauced. This makes the best beef jerky by far.

The main ingredient is an emulsion of yeast and water. The Vegemite Beef Jerky must be mixed with lukewarm water, not hot. The heat will ruin the flavor of the best beef jerky. So it is wise to incorporate the Vegemite beef jerky with just-boiled water. Mixing the ingredients thoroughly will help in achieving that velvety texture that defines a good jerky.

The best beef jerky is made from the slow drying method. That is why Vegemite jerky is so healthy. The ingredients are dried slowly to preserve the quality. This is also a great way to prepare different jerky meals without messing with the slow cooking process. Also when creating Vegemite jerky, it is important to add the essential oils into the mix as the fat content in this food is very low.

The traditional Australian beef jerky was made from beef that had been soaked for hours in water. After hours of soaking, the meat would then be slow-smoked, which would help to preserve the quality and keep it fresh for longer. But the slow smoking process is no longer used today, and the new alternative to preserving our foods, is to make Vegemite jerky.

Most Vegemite jerky is made from soy rather than the traditional Australian beef. We can get soy products at any supermarket these days. If you are vegetarian, then this is a great addition to your diet. Many vegetarians will turn their nose up at this idea, but others will eat the occasional tofu snack. There is nothing wrong with eating some soy jerky occasionally, just ensure that you read the labels and avoid those filled with chemicals and artificial flavours.

There is nothing tastier than jerky made from soy. It is also much less expensive than the average meat and sausage product, so it is a good budget-friendly option for everyone. It does require a little effort to make Vegemite jerky, as you need to mix the meat, liquid and spices together. However, once you have made the mixture, all you have to do is soak the mixture in water for around an hour to let all the ingredients soak in. Then all you have to do is cook it, and once it is done, serve it with rice and vegetables.

Many people have taken to enjoying Vegemite jerky, and it is proving to be a popular snack for health conscious people. The low-fat content is also proving to be an attractive feature. It is also a great way to enjoy some protein without the extra calories. There is no doubt that jerky will never become mainstream, but it is certainly gaining its popularity on its own. If you are one of the people who have given it a try, you will soon understand why it is a winner with dieters and even meat eaters. You won’t go back from your healthy meat-eating ways again.

Vegemite jerky is also very easy to make. All you have to do is follow the directions that come with it, and you should be able to make your jerky in no time. Of course, you could always visit your local butcher and buy some vege-munching strips or slices to add to your jerky mixture. These are also easy to prepare: all you have to do is cut them and slice into pieces.

It’s not just the health benefits that have helped make this tasty snack a worldwide favourite. It also has a unique flavour that people seem to love. In fact, it is the flavour of choice at many restaurants where the traditional beef-and-potatoes fare is replaced with vegan meals. Vegemite isn’t just a meat substitute, it’s a meaty snack with a hint of vegetable. It goes down easily and leaves behind nice flavours. It is also much cheaper than most jerky products.

The lack of advertising on the product has not helped the product gain a mainstream reputation, but it does provide an excellent alternative to the more expensive traditional meat-based snacks. It is also a healthier alternative. While jerky may seem like a small step away from eating beef, it really is an upgrade. The health benefits are considerable.